Ocean Simulation animation problem

Hi, I just started using blender this past month and decided to watch a tutorial on the ocean sim.
Everything works fine until I try to animate the sim, and to make sure it wasn’t the tutorial not listing precisely what I have to do I’ve watched several and they say the same things.
Anyway my problem is that although I’ve added keyframes to the ocean it refuses to animate, I added one at the beginning of the frames and one at the end like both tutorials said. When I press play it’ll flash a different frame for a second right after adding the keyframes and then only play the original ocean frame that I initially got from playing with the settings before trying to animate/add keyframes.
I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong.
Thanks for any help

Here’s the blender file:
ocean.blend (99.1 KB)

Here’s two screenshots of the animation at different frames demonstrating the lack of change/animation:

(And if it makes any difference, I tried this in blender render and cycles render)

Keyframing the time should be enough. What you have done wrong is not providing the means to find out why this doesn’t work in your case.
Check the first link in my signature, it should show how to do that.

Alright, I added the screenshots and the blender file. Thanks for helping me make my post easier to reply to.

Could there be something wrong with my program? It goes back to time: 1.00 after i move the cursor from the 10.00 mark.

You wrote: “hover over Time again, press I and then enter 10”

Wrong order of events. You should enter 10 and then hit i to insert the keyframe. You basically did my steps in the order 1,2,4,3. Do them 1,2,3,4.

It’s confusing the first time, but it’s simple after that.

The old keyframe mantra:
Go to the frame,
make the change
insert the keyframe

Yeah I got it right after I posted that comment but my comments still have to be mod reviewed