Ocean sized "water" with a boat

I am making an intro (I always make blender intros, I’ll post em all soon, that would go with ‘movies’ we do in school. My freind does stopmotion ones) that involves a boat, going through water. I first did this by sending it through actual liquid, which sucked :smiley:
Soooo, i took a tutorial that lets make realistic water, but not real water. They only way I can see it though, is when it renders, otherwise its just a blue plane. So, I can’t tell if the boat is moving realistically along my ‘water’ unless i render it. To avoid long days of rendering, do you guys know any better ways of doing this? It doesn’t need to be entirely realistc, just better than blender liquids :stuck_out_tongue:

I found the tutorial from a blender site. From Cog films i think, By Collin something that starts with an L :stuck_out_tongue:

a little known feature is that you can parent an object to a vertex of another object. Select the boat, shift-select the ocean surface. Tab into edit mode and select a vertex on the oceant surface. Press Ctrl-P to parent the boat to the vertex parent. Since you have parented the boat to a vertex of the surface of the water, and the boat will float as the vertex moves up and down.

There was a good video tut on using displacement mapping and textures driven by empties that I thought gave very convincing waves.

Oh, and there’s the wave modifier


Atom, he said he has the technique from Colin Litster, so he already knows the cogfilms link.

tt: if you want to use displacement with preview, use the displacement modifier and use the tex coords of a moving empty.
You can then see the water moving inside the 3d view. I don’t know if this works well for water… also try the method of PapaSmurf, it’s a very good method I think and Bassam pointed this out in a tutorial:


Here a 2 little tuts that demonstrate parenting to vertices


Best of Luck!