I am interested in learning how to make an ocean and making a sky.

I tried to do the cog ocean tutorial but for some reason it wont open the file, it says unknown error. Does anyone know any other good ocean tutorial?

Also, i want to have a sky in the background of my scene. How can this be done? Any good tutorials on this?

check this one out:

for the sky look at ‘sky boxes’

All right, thanks guys. Also, do you know of any good cloud tutorials?

search google for “alan’s cloud generator” - it’s invaluable.



Thanks for the links guys. Ive never used a generator before, is this a script?

yes it is. theres a gui that opens once you run it and it takes you through the process step-by-step. you can just copy and paste the text of the script into the script editor in blender, then run the script.