Ocean test,

So I did Cogs new ocean tutorial, it is a dream.
here are the results.

and a still

C&C Please


i can’t see the video its private

Can you see the video now?

I’ll check it out later.

woooooooooo - really nice.

yeah it works now :slight_smile:

that’s pretty cool. i’da made it a lil darker, but w/e :smiley:

nice but my soundsystem exploded - no not really. Is it a track in the middle what looks like particles and caused by what?

Nice! Running the movie backwards could make the shimmering track look like it was filmed from a boat… :wink:

Thanks for the comments folks

Link me to the tut =]

I like you little vid, I’ve been trying to follow COG’s new tut but I haven’t quite done as well as you.
One question, is your camera static or dynamic, I can’t quite tell if you are flying over the water or if the waves are rolling past you?

The camera is moving along at a fairly good clip, so it is like you are flying over the waves

Pretty cool stuff. The water was pretty and it did feel like flying over the waves. I’d like to do something like that but also dive into the water so you are swimming with all the creatures down below.

Killer, here is the link < http://www.cogfilms.com/tutorials.html >