Ocean Waves :P

Okay, I have searched the game engine forum section and youtube far and wide :spin: , and unless I missed something, I have not been able to achieve this. :no: I just want wide slow gentle waves(Like the ocean, in case you didn’t get that part). I looked at Solarlune’s, but it is too slow/I have no idea how to put a texture to it. It needs to be able to have objects distance constaint to it, like a ship. . . :eyebrowlift2:

Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “it is too slow/ i have no idea how to put a texture on it”? Can you be a little more descriptive?
I’m not in any way trying to be rude, but your wording is a bit confusing that is all.

I mean that it really kills the framerate, and I think it uses a tature to do the waves, so I don’t know how to put a texture on it.

Lambo, I am checking out that demo. But I don’t think it has “mesh” waves. I think it is just normals. . . I will be using multitexture.

Ah sorry didn’t realize you wanted to use physical mesh displacement, I think it is indeed normals, or something to that effect.

My suggestion would be displace a meshes vertex depending on either a texture or a procedural texture. Python would be the obvious choice, looping through the vertices in the mesh and calculating the height for each vertex. The faster solution would be using a vertex shader to displace the mesh.

Here is example displace vertex shader: http://www.ozone3d.net/tutorials/vertex_displacement_mapping_p03.php

Have a look at the game ‘squish the bunny’ and it’s source blend files. (try tutorialsforblender3D). It has some physical displacement waves using armatures.

Ex, That way is too slow, especially for a massive ocean. :\ Solarlune’s wave thingy was that pretty much. Or do you mean like a big normal map?

Sdfgeoff, I have totally played that demo before :3 It is a great water system. I might have to figure out how to make it work for a huge area. . . Thanks!