Oct 13 soon...

(Jamesk) #1

I was just thinking… (scary huh) when the sources are released, I assume all the binaries will be available too. Now - does that mean that anyone could get a hold of the 2.25 as well?

(S68) #2


binary release will be 2.26 :o


(kevin3d) #3

What new features will be in version 2.26?

(kino) #4

hope in a 2.26 bug free :slight_smile:


(S68) #5

Main point is that it will be -non-GPL-subs free… some part of the code couldn’t go under GPL, so they were/are substituted…


(CubeFan973) #6

That… that… that doesn’t m…m…mean that the Subsurfs won’t be open source, does it?

AAAHHH! This is scarier than “Evolution!” :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :frowning:

(LethalSideP) #7

LOL, don’t worry :wink: . Subsurfs doesn’t need any special commercial libraries to run, or at least not that I’m aware of. Certainly, the technology for subsurfing is freely available.

The things that’ll be missing in 2.26 will probably be more to do with the game engine than anything else. As far as I know, the things that’ll be missing in 2.25 are the game engine physics (sucks, huh?) , the file locking (after all, what’s the point having it there when anyone could just comment it out and read the locked files?), and maybe game engine sound (but I’m not sure about that one)…I remember hearing that the game engine uses an external library called fmod for using sounds in the game engine, but I’m not sure if it’s GNU compliant or not…

For many, 2.26 will seem more like a step back than forward because of the key features missing. However, hopefully, you’ll get an opensource Blender out the other end, all legal, all GNU compliant, easy to compile (fingers crossed), all singing and dancing… Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

And if you’ve been using 2.23 up to this point, then you do get to use Booleans and NLA, so it’s not so bad!!!

Hope this helped.

(youngbatcat) #8

I still do not understand. Will there be a publisher release?
I mean what was 150$ at the time. And it does not have to be open
Will we get that or is that gone . ?


(Jamesk) #9

fmod is not GNU, so it’s probably gone. But to sum things up, previous 2.23 users who do not blend games will be happy! Will get booleans (crappy ones from what I’ve heard, but aren’t all booleans just that?) ,will get NLA. But most important - at least the thing I’ve been hoping for - two different settings for subdivision, one value for editing and another setting that will kick in during rendering.

So, 2.26 it will be then!

(Mobius) #10

woo hooo!!! 8)

(protoplazm) #11

this will probly sound like a newbie question (even tho i’m not exactly new), but what is this NLA i’ve been hearing about? i know it stands for nonlinear animation but i don’t know what that means exactly?

also, surely it would be possible to improve the booleans?? crappy booleans might be ok for other progs :wink: but c’mon, blender standard of excellence!!!