Octane 4 RC6 released


(dobe) #21

i have worked with octane for the new commercial jobs. I really like the renderengine!

For me a bit more possibilities in the area of lights and renderpases

(Grimm) #22

Changes since OctaneRender 4 RC 5:

  • Reverted changes to the volume rendering in the direct lighting kernel when the AO mode is being used which were made in 4 RC 3. We will address the original problem and other volume render issues again in a future update.
  • Lowered the minimum exposure of the camera imager node from 0.001 to 0.00001.
  • Improved sheen of the universal, glossy and metal materials: In glossy and metal materials it was too bright and didn’t conserve energy and in the universal material it was too dark/subtle.
  • Improved handling of emitting primitives that have no area.
  • Fixed missing statistics for emission primitive and instance counts.
  • Fixed AI light crash when you scale an emitter down to 0.0f.
  • Fixed resource leak every time the denoiser is disabled and enabled again.
  • Fixed missing motion blur when an OSL camera is being used.
  • Fixed incorrect inclusion of the environment in the denoised main pass if render layers are enabled and keep environment is on.
  • Fixed number overflow in denoiser in certain situations (see viewtopic.php?p=347154#p347154).
  • Fixed issue that coating and sheen channels of the universal material were missing in the reflection filter pass.
  • Fixed partial shadow on ground planes when using the render layer shadows passes, if there is any light from the environment reaching the plane from below (see viewtopic.php?p=347350#p347350).
  • Fixed render system freeze when a greyscale value texture is used as input of a displacement node.
  • Fixed interactive region rendering not properly resetting the tone-map intervals. The tone-map interval is now also limited to 4sec when active.
  • Trying to work around CUDA error 2 (out of memory) by using a different / slower method to clear GPU memory (see above).
  • When importing Alembic files the time sampling parameter of extra UV attributes is now ignored, enabling the rendering of stitched RealFlow mesh exports (see viewtopic.php?p=347717#p347717).
  • Standalone: Object handles now also include transformations of nested node graphs.
  • Standalone: Reduced sensitivity of the object scale handle.
  • Standalone: Fixed UI freeze when highlighted object handle is double-clicked and then dragged.
  • Standalone: Special media keys on your keyboard will be ignored now.
  • Standalone: Modified Windows installer to avoid false positives that some anti-virus tools report for the uninstaller.