Octane and blender

has anyone used octaine with blender . Hows the render quality? Does it work well with Blender? Is it user friendly ? Can you export animated scenes to Octane. Anyone use it with windows 7 or Navida 250 card?

Get the demo and try yourself.
I am a licensed octane user for quite some time now. The exporter is community maintained, Refractive has no hand in it and it works quite nice - doesn´t matter though, octane can import .OBJ so you get everything from every tool in there somehow and with octanes interactivity and node materials, you do the rest inside of octane anyways.
The raytracer has some shortcomings but nothing that´s not being taken care of and at the moment offers DirectLighting and PathTracing kernels. Latest testbuild have a new developed replacement for MLT, which comes with a new kernel and delivers very nice results for complicated lighting setups at lightspeed (pun intended).

If I recall correctly there where some troubles with 250 cards, but I think it was more of an CUDA issue. The latest releases support CUDA 3 and 3.2, the next one will be CUDA 4 if i am not mistaken.

I use it under ubuntu and win7 x64, got 2GTX285 and 1GTX470 yeh, and it runs fast.

It´s not very good though (yet) for animations, because octane has to re-import the scene on every frame due to the voxelization, but there is hope that they´ll also implement a kernel for animation.

I am a big fan of octane despite it´s seemingly slow development. Compared to other raytracers pricetags you get land and a castle for a loaf of bread while octane is in beta phase.

I agree with arexma (and quite value his opinion, he’s well informed) and just for point of reference, I don’t use the exporter (I go straight .obj) and usually rework my materials in Octane. One other thing (and doesn’t contradict arexma) is that it can be used for animation, but again as he said, it’s not very good and tends to be more of a hassle at times. Just like any renderer though, the quality is usually more subject of the artists knowledge in how to conduct the setup of the scene (materials, lighting, etc.). In that regard though, I (personally) find Octane very intuitive.

Yeh, like Quandtum said you CAN use it for animations. For Turntable animations it rocks, because it has a buildin module for that, no need to reload the scene. Also for daylight simulations. Buildin module. Works from within Octane.
Also for smaller stuff it works quite nice, but as soon as scenes get heavier and have lots of textures you´ll hit a bottleneck with Octane.
As reference, a 3mio poly construction plant model took around 3-5 minutes to import and voxelize. After that, the interactive raytraced viewport works faster than Blenders OpenGL viewport :slight_smile:

I also have to mention that octane requires a constant internet connection. It checks the license every time the render engine is (re)started.
And there´s also a online material repository embeded in octane, drag and drop connect to object node style which is quite nice.

As a sidenote, also worthwile looking into is Indigo RT, it´s currently 99 euro, and CPU only with Bidirectional MLT, all other kernels have OpenCL acceleration. Also the RT version lacks lightgroups, IES, SSS and netrender. It is a very good raytracer, material tinkering is a bit… you got to get used to it… but materials work different in any raytracer. What can I see, it´s a rock solid product.
And if you got a bit more budget, vray or thea.

But I got to say, the 99 Euro for Octane are a no brainer. It´s a great piece of software and the one or the other spend more money in an evening getting wasted and all you got was a bad hangover and a lack of memory :slight_smile:

The only alternatives to Octane are “Arion” and “Bunkspeed Shot” (or Cycles but I don´t count it close to production ready) and both cost far beyond 1000 USD.

Thank you. I do plan to try it. I do not know what turntable animation is but yes I use it for animation. “octane has to re-import the scene on every frame” Ill need to see if I can get a good work flow going.
Arexma or anyone here what is turntable animation?
Thanks for the response and advice.
voxelize ?

A turntable is just a quick 360 pan around an object like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6EvxZT9GTY

Turntable animation is when you got an object and fly 360° around it with the camera.
Actually the term “turntable” is wrong, because it would imply the object would turn on a turntable and camera and light stays put. But watching 90% of the turntable animations, the camera does a 360° fly, facing the object.

Voxelize is the magic behind Octanes speed. It first imports the geometry and then voxelizes it. I have no idea what they are really doing. Simply put it´s making a datastructure out of the mesh, Octane and the GPU can work on very fast.

And Octane only supports to import one .obj file, and on each import this has to be done again. So if something changes in in your animation from frame to frame, blender has to export each frame as .obj, octane has to import it and voxelize it. Another problem there are the materials.
The Blender exporter is hacky. It manipulates the octane scene file and can write materials and objects seperately into it.
So you can export frame 1, import to octane, setup all materials there and save the scene file. And lateron you can export the geometry only and re-use the materials. However this is according to both, Octane Devs and the Blender Plugin Dev very hacky. They plan to switch to a better format for the scenes, most likely one that uses a markup language (XML) so this is no problem.

But at the moment Octanes strenght really are stills, although animations work.