Octane gone awol? - RESOLVED - its back

I cant reach the Octane website last 12 hours or so.
I get error ‘connection closed by remote server’ - currently unavailable
Has anyone heard whats going on with Refractive, Radiance etc?

I get the same error. Bad servers, maybe?

Well I hope there is a good reason.
Unfortunately I dont know who/where to send an email about it.
I would appreciate it if one of the Refractive team could post a message here if they are also a Blender user.


The website is now back up :smiley: :spin:

They may use ipower web. My site went down for no reason for about the same amount of time. Server Error.

bah! its down again. :mad:
so ok I’ll just wait some and then its up… :eyebrowlift: :evilgrin: