Octane Power Tools?


Does anyone have experience with Octane Power Tools?

Any problems? Do they work well?

Considering purchasing to decrease render times.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have no crystal ball, but depending on your patience I’d wait.
The upcoming Blender Octane plugin might very well render OPT useless.

Ok, thanks for the heads up.

I should have known someone would be working on it. :yes:


I could say now the pun was intended.
But actually it wasn’t.


the reason I was considering OPTs is the decreased render times.

I asked Jimstar at the Otoy forum if his plugin would do the same, i.e. not having to
export the scene to Octane each frame.

I read all the posts at that thread and didn’t see any mention of render times (?)

Just found out that OPTs work with Blender, C4D, Max, Maya, Sketchup, XSI, & Lightwave.

Much more economical at ~62 Euros vs 99 Euros per integrated Octane plugin from Otoy.

I don’t know if the Otoy plugins have more features, but my main interest is getting significantly
(10x?) faster render times for animation, and OPTs do that very well. :wink:

one license of Octane Power Tools (not the lite version) includes all the present exporters (Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave, SketchUp, C4D, Blender), and all the future ones (Modo and any new version of the existing exporters) for no additional price tag.
Support, Octane Power Tools.