Octane Precious and semi-precious gemstones with natural inclusions

Last year I made a colored gemstones collection as an asset for Blender Cycles (procedural materials). People liked it and quickly mentioned that creating it for Octane would be very interesting.
Octane clearly has very high quality nodes. It was indeed very interesting to port Cycles materials to Octane. The nodes react quite differently.

The asset for OCTANE file formats are ORBX, ALEMBIC y BLEND for compatibility. https://blendermarket.com/products/octanerender-procedural-colored-gemstones-collection
Video presentation at https://youtu.be/yupveUauqEA

The minerals I’ve recreated do have inclusions nad flaws like there natural counterpart.

The actual mineral list includes:
Diamond, Corundum (Ruby, sapphire and color sapphire), Beryl, Tourmaline (with real life double refraction setup), Quartz, Opal (works for light and dark and all colored shines), Malachite, Lapislazuli (with inclusions), Agate (works for all colors), Pearl, Turquoise (with or without pirite and dirt inclusions).
Some views of the resulting gemstones


I have studied gemology before. I think your gemstones look good. Most emerald and sapphire gemstones would have inclusions. But the most expensive, if real would have very minimum inclusions. With any inclusions only see able with microscope. Eye clean gemstones like emarald and ruby are very rare.

However, I think these gemstones look great. And I would use them for my projects. And one reason I would use them is because they are clean looking.

Thanks, for your valuable feedback. I made the materials in such a way that the inclusions and their strength can be tweaked to make the gems clean with no inclusions, or heavily included when needed.

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You can take a look at the video presentation and manual and the asset
Video at https://youtu.be/yupveUauqEA