Octane RedShift Vray Houdini all appear to have Cycles by the balls

So i watched this video which was a real eye opener and a bit intimidating and discouraging to any beginner or intermediate 3D artist as the apparent skill level and talent was insane. Heck i may as well quit right now. Anyway this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZqvFpdVyHU
Is all about a competition to create a short sequence to win a razer laptop. The vast majority of the best of the best submissions were using C4D and Octane or Redshift or 3Ds max or maya, but a handful used Blender Cycles.
Anyway my main problem with it all was that these incredible render engines all seemed to have no problem whatsoever handling volumetric lighting. And they had near zero levels of noise ie they did not even look like they had been denoised with a denoiser. Before you say it i know EEVEE can handle volumetrics nicely and for certain use cases its totally acceptable quality especially game development and quick visualization even product visualization imo. But when it comes to top quality output its not on that level with octane, redshift vray or even cycles… Cant volumetric lighting from EEVEE just be ported over to a new cycles, i guess this means it will be a biased renderer??

Maybe im wrong and other engines have the same level of slowdown with volumetrics as cycles, and all these artists had access to some vast secret render farm or something? But even for a single frame if i put say a noise texture into the volume scatter for cycles it takes about 5 hrs per frame.

Have you considered doing your volumetrics in EEVEE and compositing in post?

I very much enjoy using salty language myself, but they really do try to keep this forum as PG as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got flagged for your title…

There are many online render farms. In some cases it just makes financial sense to use them over purchasing expensive hardware which can’t compete and isn’t in full use all the time.

Honestly, I’d like to know which clips inspired you to make such a statement, and I mean in timecode. I watched about 10 minutes of the linked video but I’m not gonna sit through a half hour of fireflies either. AFAIC they were all more or less about the same, quality-wise.