Octane Render Demo Released

Just wanted to let all interested Blender Users that the Octane Render demo has been released. You can read about it here:


Please try to post questions / comments on the Octane forum as that will be the best place to get answers.

Please note that this build is currently for Windows only.


Phil Beauchamp
Refractive Software

Thanks for the demo version PhilBo. I have a cuda supported graphic card. I’ll try it now. :slight_smile:

Too bad this will not be free. The Blender folks need to give some serious, serious consideration into GPU rendering.

So what if it isn’t free?

They are charging about $140 for a license during beta. That is an extremely good price for something like this.

Seriously guys, people aren’t just going to come code everything you desire for free, people need to pay bills and make a living.

To avoid wasting the time of many peoples it might be a good idea to mention in the thread title, or at the very least in your post, that the demo available now is windows only.

Good luck with the project.

I updated the post. Thanks.