Octane Render Portfolio

Hello all,

Over the past year i have made a collection of models in various different areas.
I think i have come along way since my earlier work back in 09.
Although i still need alot to learn.
I’m only 15 XD.

Please take 2-3 minutes to give a look :slight_smile:


Lighting and composition are great, but modelling could be better and more “hi poly”

A good reel, but a little slow-paced and lengthy. I also agree with malefic, some of the models you showcased weren’t really suitable for closeups.

Like you said, you still have much to learn, but learning & improving is part of the fun :slight_smile:


As has already been said, it was a bit long and you should have given the objects more geometry if you wanted to do close-ups. Octane is built to be able to handle large amounts of polys anyway so that’s nothing to worry about.

On a side-related note you chose a good age to start learning 3D. I started learning when I was 17 and while that is still younger than many great artists I wish I could have started earlier than I did xD