Octane Study scene 1

Hello everyone, ive been using octane since 1 month, and built this scene to study the engine,
nothings to say, its pretty great and awesome. Here are a few results.
pd: i know the words are flipped lol, my bad.


Hey, I would love to use these as my screensaver. Would you consider rendering these with his higher resolution and higher samples?


Hey, yes sure! im working again on the scene, adding more stuff to it. i will upload more shots when its ready :grinning:

Fantastic, thank you.

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Hey there! Finally, got the 4k render, you can find the link here in my ARTSTATION at the description.
Hope you like it :grinning:

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Fantastic. It looks phenomenal. Thank you.

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glad u like it :grinning:

hi, im hesitating to switch to octane.
did you use the standalone ? because i didnt find the glare and bloom effect inside of blender

hey there, its the blender plugin, and yes its has everything same as the standalone version. On the camera tools, straight down are the camera effects like glares and bloom settings.

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so what do you think about octane ? did miss some option and features in cycles ? :smile:

Why would you ever want to apply that stuff in the render instead of doing it in comp?

Edit: Beautiful stuff btw. :slight_smile:

good point, its true that you cannot go back once it is rendered and its preferable to do this in post process, howerver, due to the slowness of blender applying the compositor to each frame after the render, i’d much prefer having a live feedback of the lens and camera light effect if i want to apply some small visual effect on a simple image render. otherwise id much prefer use photoshop and nuke for this task.

Octane is a powerfull engine, but cycles is it too, you can achieve kind the same as in octane, but personally i prefer octane because the reflections are more realistic and accurate, also the displacement its more accurate too. But as i said, u can achieve the same with cycles. And the post processing of octane it help you a lot and saves you the after work on photoshop, or nuke, or what ever u use.

what about performance in huge scenes ? do you try with 30 mil + scene or you stay in low poly ?

it all depends on how much memory you have on your system. Octane works with Cuda cores and RAM if you need to activate the “Out of core” feature.

im trying the octane demo right now, the main reason i really like octane is that the viewport is smooth af compare to laggy cycles in rendered view with huge hollywoodian type of scene

that really the big thing that will make me buy this render engine + the fact that it can share any scene between software that also use octane, its really amazing

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yep absolutly, im renting it monthly.

Didn’t Otoy said something about FREE tier for blender ? (like with everything just limitation to use only up to 2 GPUs) . Because I am waiting for that release to try it out aswell … :slight_smile:

specificaly :
When will it be released?

***You can already use the full version of Octane 4 for free inside Unity. Other plug-ins, will roll out around Q1 2019, shortly after we complete all the work on the all-access multiple subscriptions. ***

What tools besides Unity will be supported?

Blender is next. We are looking at tools that are free to use, like Blender, for the free tier, but we may add others in time.

edit: Nvm the link doesn’t work for some reason so here is a screen :

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yes, it will be free, i dont know if its already free for blender, better check the Otoy forum :wink: . Right now im using the full version

well i did wome other tests on huge scene, both cycles and octane with a scene 30mil poly

octane is a bit more reactive, a bit more easy to move object.

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