OctaneRender™ Blender 2.83.3 plugin version 2020.1.4 - 21.12 [STABLE] released

We are happy to share a new release of Octane.

Octane 2020.1.4 is our latest maintenance update and the version currently recommended for production use.

Make sure to use a NVIDIA Studio driver with version at least 435.80 for Windows or 435.12 for Linux to enable support for RTX hardware acceleration. There are no OSX drivers that currently support RTX.

Should you find any issues with this release please report using this thread so we can make sure we provide you with the best feedback.

Changes since OctaneRender 2020.1.3:


  • Fixed issue causing Octane to not to start on machines using older CPUs without AVX instruction set support.
  • Fixed issue causing OSX slaves to deactivate their license even if there are other instances of standalone or plugins currently running on that machine.
  • Fixed triplanar projection in OSL when used as emission texture distribution.
  • Fixed issue causing displacement nodes not working with layered material nodes.
  • Fixed white balance picking when upsampling was enabled.
  • Fixed a crash on Windows 7 when upsampling was enabled.
  • Fixed documentation and typos of a few dirt texture node pins.
  • Fixed batch render script causing erroneous results with scenes using universal camera, geometric primitives, vectron union and volumetric spotlight nodes.
  • Fixed issue causing hair primitives and geometry using texture displacement to temporarily disappear after scene some scene changes.

Other changes:

  • Geometric primitives material defaults to the default diffuse material.

Under investigation:

  • Auto-bump disappears in some cases using a mix of RTX and non-RTX GPUs with RTX on.
  • Octane fails to start in some machines with old dual Xeon CPU setups.
  • CUDA error in some scenarios when using NVlink due to mismatching barriers.

Hello guys. I’ve downloaded 1.3 and server also. I checked doc on how to install from otoy wiki. I installed both. I run first server before run octane but it has been shown octane.dll. any help?

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OctaneRender™ for Blender plugin. Windows, Linux and OSX versions. The download links, provided on this page, are for Enterprise License Holders.

OctaneRender Studio subscribers can access their software from the “Downloads” section of their Customer Account Page.


  • Upgraded to Octane 2020.1.4

  • Upgraded to Blender 2.83.3

  • Supported to export Deep EXR in the Octane Export Panel

  • Supported to use Blender Volume Object in Octane

    • Please use Blender Volume for OpenVDB from now on

    • The old way to use OpenVDB(Mesh data panel - Octane properties - Volume properties) will be hidden if it’s not used in the files


  • Add a “Maximize Instancing” feature(Octane Server - Maximize Instancing). When enabled, Octane will try to scatter instances as much as possible

Hi Odilkhan, not sure what your error is, can you post the complete error message? Also what system are you using?

One question… ( maybe stupid ). Do I need to unistall old version of Octane Server, or new installation will upgrade old version?

Hi Alek,

I’m not sure about Windows and OSX, but on Linux I just install over the old version and I haven’t had any issues. If you are not sure, you can always delete the old version and then install the new. I’m pretty sure that the Windows version comes with an installer which would do that for you?


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I’ve included Octane in an overview of free renderers for Blender Nation.