OctaneRender™ Blender 2.91 plugin version 2020.1.5 - 22.2 [STABLE] released

Yes, you can use them you have to open them up in C4D and export the orbx in your local library, any folder and location will do. After that, you have to set the preferences for your local library path in Blender so that Octane can see it.

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Hi everyone!
I’m working on some godrays coming from a window. I’m using a scattering medium applied to a specular material. This material is applied to a simple box. Behind the box there’s an area light. My question is: how can I increase the density falloff at the borders of the box? As you can see in the pictures, seen from a perspective the effect is more or less fine but when the camera is perpendicular at one side of the box there is no falloff and the limit of the box is clearly visible. How can I correct this?

this is my material

I think that would be normal, as at that view angle you are looking through a thick part of the volume, even at the edge. Is the volume container the same shape and size as your window? If it is you can increase the size of your volume container and allow the light to create the god rays. Or if you don’t want to increase the volume area you could bevel the long edges of the container so that, at that view angle, you are looking through less of the medium.

Isn’t there some way to set the material so that the density of the scattering medium is higher on the center of the object and lower at the edges?

You can, but you would need to create a custom VDB volume. Mantaflow should allow you to do that and there are other methods to take an object and convert it into a volume. Just use very little turbulence I think. I’m not sure exactly what the best method is to do this, but I think it’s possible.

I don’t have Octane for C4D. Anyway in this file are cinema scene and separate OrbiX siles, I will try to navigate Ocatne… hmmm. maybe I can use DB library for this purpose … I will try.

Thanks, I made the area light way smaller and it worked very well. I have another question: is there a way to show the volume when the camera is inside it? I need the volume to affect the image when I’m watching the scene from a position inside the godrays, so that the entire image appears brighter. Right now if I place the camera inside the godrays it seems like there is no volume at all…

Is anyone else having problems with blender 2.9 and octane freezing and corrupting files on saving? This only happens when I try to save file during rendering

update: seems it is only happening with out of core enabled

Update 2: happens even without out of core but less frequent.

Which OS you use? I hear that Mac users have issues, especially people which upgrade OS.

I’ve read about some os-x users having issues but I’m on windows. I suspect though recent Nvidia drivers on my laptop. Haven’t noticed much problems on desktop but I use octane sporadically. Crash wouldn’t bother me too much but this causes full system freeze and corrupts files. I’m using the free tier BTW so I would expect that version to be stable.

Ough… I yesterday “upgrade” my Octane ( also free tier ), but don’t use it yet. I’m on win 10 btw.
Freezing is PITA, do not want this, already have problems with BSOD from time to time…
“BSOD is not error, this is Win feature” :roll_eyes: