OctaneRender™ Blender 2.92 plugin version 2020.2.5 - 23.11 [STABLE] released

You can test brigade using their brigadebench demo app
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links to download are at the end of the first post.

with rtx2070 I could only run it at 1024x768 (cause it runs out of Vram on higher res) and got approx 15-20 fps. It kinda looks like an outdated game engine except is very demanding and slow :slight_smile:
It’s demo and early release, so they might fix performance issues, but I’m not sure about the quality. Would love to see someone testing it in interior cause I have a feeling it will be even slower and look even worse.

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No new posts for 20 days. :neutral_face: I assume the Free Tier Octane hasn’t been released for Blender 3.0 yet?

There is no 3.0 release for subscription tier either so I wouldn’t expect Octane for Blender 3.0 for quite a while.

If you need Octane for work it’s worth it to buy a subscription.

Hi Alexey,

Yeah, but I’m often switching between renderers, which makes it hard to decide whether an Octane subscription is worth it for me. Depending on project requirements I’m alternating between Octane (free tier), Cycles, LuxCoreRender and Keyshot (I own that, but don’t expect to upgrade it anymore, as I’m quitting ZBrush after the Maxon take-over). Each renderer has its own talents and disadvantages.

During my past in 3ds Max I’ve also worked with finalRender, V-Ray, Maxwell, iRay, Mental Ray and more. I guess I’m a renderer hoarder. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the first maintenance release of 2021.1., which fixes various bugs and issues.

You can find an overview of all new features and improvements of version 2021.1 here.

This version supports all current NVIDIA GPUs with compute model 3.5 or higher. Please make sure to use a NVIDIA Studio driver with version at least 456.38 on Windows or 455.23 on Linux.

Changes since OctaneRender 2021.1:

  • Added Cryptomatte AOVs for mattes based on the render layer, user instance ID and geometry node name of an object.
  • The Alembic and FBX import and export try to keep node names intact as much as possible.
  • Brought back the option “Emulate old volume behaviour” to the kernel nodes.
  • Added a small offset to cell noise and the checkerboard texture to avoid artefacts on axis aligned planes that lie exactly on the face of a checkboard / cell cube.
  • Overhauled the way how render work is distributed to local and remote GPUs: The main idea is to reassign already assigned but unfinished work to available GPU when there is no more unassigned work left. This avoids that net rendering may hang due to unfinished work, because some intermediate result got lost. It may also reduce the render time when the local GPUs are out of work but Octane is still waiting for one or more render nodes to finish and return their result.
  • Fixed clipping material that is a vectron mesh not working correctly as it casts shadows over other materials its clipping.
  • Fixed emission with “Visible on diffuse” disable still being visible on universal materials with a coating (see viewtopic.php?f=86&t=78865).
  • Fixed render failure on render nodes if AI light is enabled for sphere light primitives.
  • Fixed render failure in scenes with mix materials when clay mode is enabled.
  • Fixed render hang if you use an environment texture that uses the “Sample position” texture and if “Importance sampling” is enabled.
  • Fixed render failure when you use a texture with projection “Sample pos. to UV” for vertex displacement.
  • Fixed light linking through transparency surfaces giving unexpected results.
  • Fixed incorrect Vectron® bounding boxes if there are object layer maps in the node tree.
  • Fixed noise pass not applying gamma when an OCIO view is selected.
  • Fixed denoiser not working on CPUs without AVX support.
  • Fixed mismatch between the main AOV with post FX enabled and the composite of the main AOV with the post-processing AOV.
  • Fixed a bug where skeletal animation doesn’t work if the joint node is not animated.
  • Fixed crash in the FBX export if an exported material has a bump map (see viewtopic.php?p=406531#p406531).
  • Fixed issue that caused some meshes of FBX files not being loaded.
  • Fixed loading of FBX files with relative image paths.
  • Fixed failure to write OpenEXR files to paths that contain characters that are not in the current ANSI code page.
  • Fixed render timer not starting if no local GPUs are used for rendering.
  • Fixed the cuDNN download for the demo version on systems that didn’t run OctaneRender before.
  • OSL: Fixed raytype("shadow") for volume scattering and absorption textures.
  • OSL: Fixed referencing of vertex attributes via unconnected OSL input variable.
  • Standalone: Rearranging items in the node graph editor can now be undone.
  • Standalone: Dragging a renderable item in the node graph editor will not start rendering. Only clicking on a renderable item does.
  • Standalone: To help with Cryptomatte, you can now rename material, volume and object layer nodes in the node inspector even if they are owned by a pin.
  • Standalone: Gizmos are now taking the lens shift of the camera into account.
  • Standalone: Fixed incorrect focus on input linker when “Show in graph editor” is selected for a material node that is connected to a scene node graph.
  • Standalone: Increased the maximum frame rate of various animation and batch render scripts and jobs to 1000 fps, to make it consistent with the animation settings node (see viewtopic.php?p=407384#p407384).
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Hi Metin,

Lino responded to this post here…

Yes, 3.0 version is coming soon.
We’re also pretty close to the addon version.


This is from the thread I posted above, very interesting news!!

pegot wrote:

linograndiotoy wrote:We’re also pretty close to the addon version.

What is the “addon” version?

A version you can install in an official Blender release(no custom build needed anymore).


Nice to read that the add-on version is nearing completion. I do wonder though if the custom build will remain, because I expect Octane to be better integrated in a custom build than as an add-on, or is there no difference anymore?

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Still no update for free tier. But maybe Santa will make his magic ;


Am i right in thinking that the latest build of Octane for Blender for free tier is 23.11? This is what i currently have and im on a trial for a month.

BTW I’ve just found if in blender you run a search command for Live octane db it will launch the octane material library database, in the video it appeared to have a lot of great materials, however for the free tier it seems to be blocked… I guess thats one major advantage of subscription.

Note: This requires at least a studio license to run

OctaneRender™ for Blender plugin. Windows and Linux versions. The download links, provided on this page, are for Enterprise License Holders.

OctaneRender Studio subscribers can access their software from the “Downloads” section of their Customer Account Page.

This is a TEST version, so be prepared to have some issues. Do not use it for production.


  • Upgraded to Blender 3.0
  • Upgraded to 2021.1.1
  • Supported the “Cinema4D Noise” node
  • Supported the new Cryptomatte passes


  • Fixed the default value of “work chunk size”
  • Bug fixes

You can read about new features of OctaneRender™ 2021.1.1 here:


Really great news. I am finally moving to Blender 3.0 so it’s great to have Octane available too. Just in time for me.

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Yes, the free tier is version 2020.2.5, 23.11

I never had problems importing the materials from the Octane material database. You don’t need a subscription for that.


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New Free Tier version with Octane 2021.1 it’s now available:



The Octane version of Node Wrangler has also been updated:


I’ve collected some new Octane 2021 texture examples in the image below, taken from this informative video by Pixel Fondue.


Again have issues with Octane server… he use almost 8Gb of RAM also Blender go crazy and use almost 5Gb! I start one scene in last Octane but when I continue in new free release stuff fall a part. Crashes, errors, what not. Maybe is my PC issue, some conflict… or good old Windows :wink:
Do any of you have issue with new Octane?

I don’t know are on BA some thread specific to Octane? If not, I think that its good idea to make one ‘mega’ - thread with tips, tricks, links to tutorials, etc. Also place where members can ask for help, such things. Someone mention one Facebook group. Ok. I can make 'sacrifice" and get account, but this group are German. After all forums like BA are more appropriate place than ‘social media’.

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try this facebook group for specific help:

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