OctaneRender™ version 2.0

Hi, bother you again with Otoy news but very nice additions are coming.
For example:
Hair and fur
Object motion blur
Displacement mapping
OpenSubDiv surfaces

More info:http://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=38935

Cheers, mib.

Hmm. If the upgrade is ~$50, I’ll upgrade. If it’s more… meh. I prefer Cycles anyway.

So blender support opensubdivid now?

no. But octane is not only for blender.

Cycles could’ve potentially beat Octane in getting nearly all of these if not for Brecht having trouble with render-time displacement and Agus3D seemingly disappearing for good.

If Cycles can just get a fully finished displacement implementation along with a color output for the AO node and the round edges shader, then Cycles wouldn’t be too far behind once it’s released.

I knew it. I bought octane since it was in beta, and actually I think it never really came out of this stage. Now since otoy got it, they went really fast to the release 2.0, so they could ask more money… We’ll see about the cost, but as Piotr said, I am not willing to spend too much on it.

So I guess V1.51 to V1.99 are canceled due to a budget lack?
Sales must decline, as version stepping becomes bigger and bigger…
I already sense the upgrade will be in the triple digits and they’ll lose “all” Blender customers.

Yes, I am a bitter old man.

Update prize is 99,00 € including 1st party plugins, Blender, Maya, Max and so.
If I understand it correctly the 1.5 version is a SE (light) version of Octane and 2.0 is the “Pro” version.
@arexma, as customer you get all versions between 1.5 and 2.0 during development.
They add displacement and you can use it in 1.6 for example and so forth.

Cheers, mib.

I saw that on the Octane forums. That’s a really good price for upgrading if you have a 1st party plug-in.

well… after all it’s 2 digits :smiley: I already know I will end up upgrading, even if I do not really like this kind of behaviour…

Sorry to hijack the thread for a question: is round edges shader being worked on, or planned? is a feature I miss a lot. Thanks!

OpenSubDiv is going to make those rounded shaders redundant and Blender will support it soon enough.

I don’t think so. If you’re making some kind of background prop and you’re assuming a rounded-edge shader, you can work fast and messy and it’s going to look ok anyway. Coming up with proper topology for your models on the other hand tends to take quite a bit of time.

That’s exactly my point.