Octano - The Predator Killer

Used Blender, sculptris, Octane Render and C4d for the export!


Well done. I wanted to say that so that this work wouldn’t go unnoticed.

really cool i like it

I am suprised this doesnt have more hits, its very great work to say the least.

This is very nice, a few things that throws me off though is.

  1. The hair/cloth that is held together with rings, both the hair/cloth and the rings are too perfect compared to the grungy style that the rest of the image has.

  2. Same with the spring that holds the skull.

  3. I am just not a fan of the eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Rest is great though, good job!

Thanx for the Repies!
Im waiting for my New graphicscard, then i will build the hole creature!

Good job dude, I’m not into ‘darker’ works but from an artists side I give you thumbs up, and agree with NinthJake. Add the binding rivets to “point 1.” of his comment.