Octave est arrivé

Based on a funny folding birth annoncement card.
The card (being the car) was designed by Martin Landmeters for the birth of Simon Gillet’s son.

I love this so cool, great job on the character and truck. I think if u darken or give the area where the trees are a different color or texture it would add more contrast/focus to the subject.

Thank you for your comment (I’m really glad you love it)

I tried to darken it, here is the result:

I’m rendering with a chocolate color but not convinced…
Maybe I should try something more paper like to stay in the paper universe…

nice idea , well done.

very nice, love the style! good job!

I would love for the camera to show the second eye, it looks a bit strange this way.


Nice work. This reminds me about newspaper that i read while ago. It had a advertisement with that style of look. And I agree with mathiasA it disturbs me when can’t see hes left eye.

Very nice! Love the style! I do like the second, less exposed image. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your comments.

For your pleasure and mine, here are some other views
(And you’ll see the second eye ;))

And some more:

I love it with the second eye!!! :wink:

especially 2c!

good job.


Very nice style! I like it! Just looking at those images made me smile :). Good job!

Thanks all, I’m happy that it can make smile :slight_smile:

Chouette rendu :).

I like the style as well. I’m not too sure about the glossy road though. But that’s just a minor hiccup.

I really like this, the texturing is great! Maybe on the trees and grass add pieces towards the bottom at right angles so they would stand up. Anyway great job! :slight_smile:

Interesting style, I like it :slight_smile: I think it would look even better if you applied existing shiny material to road only and made areas around trees with green diffuse material.

Love the papercraft style! Nice execution. Have been wanting to do something similar for ages. Thanx for the inspiration!

Thanks for all your comments, I’m happy you like it.
I still have the road problem, I don’t really know how to do it. At first I wanted the glossy shader to do a kind of mirror effect.
But that’s maybe not in the style of the rest.
I like your idea of adding a piece so it can stand up, BenWebster.

I can’t tell how much I like it