October Night

Here’s a weekend project i worked on
Rendered with Indigo for 10 hours
All thoughts, c&c, etc. are welcome :confused:

Lovely, great light and nice textures!

Maybe composition could improve slightly; there is more happening in the left half of the image than in the right. That single window sort of can’t maintain the balance in the image, imho.

The raft is in shadow, maybe adding/highlighting some more tools next to it is just enough?

/ Mats

Very nice texturing. May I ask how you did the ground? Looks like hand modeled rocks you got there. If you did, then that’s a lot of patience. Also the leaves are a nice touch. :slight_smile:

Something that needs improving is the lighting. It looks like a spotlight is shining on the area, not the moon. Adding a second lamp with a dark blue tint and no shadows may help. Also there appears to be a smudge on the left side of the picture near the pumpkin. Was that indigo? Or is it a ghost?

Nice all in all though :smiley:

Looks cool, when you said that it was rendered with indigo for 10 hours did you mean it took 10 hours to make the whole scene or 10 hours to render?

Also I noticed that the blurring that redbyte mentioned is all over the picture is small areas, did you use some kind of funky postpro or has it been photoshopped?

Pretty nice! As usual Indigo does a lot for the image, but its still really fantastic.

The textures look great, though the door looks a bit slapped on(lack of texture on the surrounding wood to tell of its time there) and the window is too small.

other than that, real nice, 4 stars!

Nice, gives a good desolate mood.
All crits I can think of have already been said :wink:

The distribution of the orange light looks a bit iffy, but everything else look extreemly good.

4 stars.

w000 this rocks my socks 5 stars

Very nice, I love the season spirit :). However the wavy edges on the posts annoys me.
Great image, 4 stars.

very awesome! 4 stars great work!

Nice composition, nice mood. Gives a great first impression.

Second impressions, though: the stairs give the scale, along with the pumpkin. Stair risers are generally 7 to 9 inches high, so the ground to landing height is between 20 and 30 inches. Your door is double that, or 3 1/2 to 5 feet high. Very small for a door. The pumpkin is in scale with the stairs, but the rake is too short, it would probably reach to the top of the railing. A window can really be any size, but a front window would probably be larger. Especially if you enlarge the door to a normal size, the window would look too small for the window next to a door. Probably too low, as well, since the inside floor should be more or less level with the bottom of the door. You’d probably have some kind of foundation material, stone, or concrete block, or brick, or just different wood, below the floor level on the outside of the house.

The lighting is great. It’s a bit too bright for moonlight, maybe it’s a streetlight? If so, some falloff would help the realism. Moonlight would not have any falloff, but a nearby streetlamp would.

Textures are great, too. I would not want to trick-or-treat that house.

really great mood and texturing,

i give you many stars…many

Sickeningly awesome texturing job! The smudges kind of wreck a lot of it for me though. And the post thing on the top step I don’t think should be sticking out, it looks kind weird to me. All the other crits have been mentioned, so just listen to them! :slight_smile:
4*, if there weren’t smudges on it, I would give it 5.

v…eerie… nice , maan. Could u post u r lighting setup? thanx

Really cool stuff Jeepster! The lighting is excellent, and like chela69, I would also love to see the set up for it.

Great textures, but I think you should really try to get rid of those blur marks all over it. I don’t know how they got there, but you should get rid of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up.
5 stars

I won’t add to the already said crits :slight_smile: , this image is really good… but 10 hours for this render!!! using the internal would have given you the same result in less time, or am i wrong?
keep it up mate :slight_smile:

Ah!! I love it!! Tutorial… tutorial… tutorial!!!

Awesome texturing Jeep! Although I am also wondering what the blurring is all about. Looks a little out of place.

eyo shovel boy,

wow…last time i saw a piece of work from you was 4 months ago. Pretty impressive improvement man.
5 stars…


For me, it would be a little darker lighting in the scene. Still looks great though! 4*


Fantastic! its great!