Octopus problem

Hi! My first post at elysiun.

I’ve read a tutorial at blender3d.org how to model an octopus http://biorust.com/index.php?page=tutorial_detail&tutid=79&lang=us

But i’ve got a very strange problem. When i put on “Set smooth” and “Subsurf” at the same time it appears some black lines/holes on the tentacles.

And my question to you is why? And how can i get rid of it? I’ve tested to remove all doubles but it didn’t work.’


select all verts and press ctrl + N

Thanks a lot dude :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for this maby stupid question but i didn’t know what to to.

This is a VERY common question. Please search the forum first next time. :slight_smile:


Hey Laurifer, it’s all very well saying please search the forum, but this person obviously never knew what it was.
So how was he supposed to know what to search?
And does it really matter if he post a double thread, it took me what,
10 seconds to reply to this thread, and if it means helping people i really dont mind doing it.


(I dont mean for a flame war im just telling you my opinion)

I really understand. It is just a kind of “now you know you can search next time.” I also have had the same problem where I have no idea what to search for. There are obviously acceptions. Sorry if I came across as being aggressive.