Octopus Race

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

This is an octopus race! (Yes it is)
Glossy areas were rendered at 5000 samples, but the image itself was rendered at 400 samples with 2 different seeds.
Heavily gimped (first time that much), I finally come with this final version.

Please tell me what you think, crits are welcome!

I would just like to say that I love this picture. Everything about it is wonderful. You are very creative and did a good job with this picture.

Thank you ItalianJoy, I’m glad you like it!

I like the style! Do you mind posting the pre-GIMP render?

This is ace! Very imaginative and I like the style. I’d love to see the race as a whole - that could be awesome.

Thanks guys for your nice comments!

Here is the pre-Gimp image (kinda boring IMO)

In Gimp I did : A vignette, a soft glow effect for the rainbow (the rainbow renderlayer was rendered at 4000 samples to avoid noise), a double texture overlay, a subtle mist effect, a subtle rain effect, some color changes, and I combined each render with different seeds to avoid noise, thats why this one still has a little bit in the dark areas and on the glossy reflections.

I think that’s all I added :slight_smile:

Hahaha that is wonderfully mad. the final version is a lot better than the render.

Thank you Small Troll.
I used to consider editing softwares as a minor element in 3D world, but now, I really think they are as important as Blender is, or any other 3D programm. So I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

That’s just so creative! IMO would be even better if all 8 appendages were visable.

Thank you for sharing your opinion Robert!
I tried to add more tentacles but then I thought it was too much, and as I am not looking for realism (obvious I know), I let it like it was :slight_smile: