Odd Action Problem...

I’m having a strange problem with actions for armatures…

Okay, I have a walking action loop-end-ing for my main character. 2 sensors are connected to it, a keyboard sensor for the “up” key, true deactivated, and an inverse space keyboard detector which has true activated. So basically, when the player is pressing up, but not space, the walking anim plays, and he moves forward.

I also have a running anim which has the same sensors, except the space sensor is not inverted.

Both have priority 8.

Anyway, I have another action which is a “fall” action. It occurs when the “fall timer” is over 1 second, and the player touches the ground. But here is the problem: When I have the priority set to 8 or lower, the walking and running animations don’t play. The sword, kick, and bow animations work fine, just not the movements anims.

Is it because of the true mode for the space bar sensors? Because whenever I have a true mode sensor, and another sensor which is not on true mode, connected to the same controller, The actuators act even when the un-true-mode sensor is false, but the true-mode one is true… :-?

Some kind of deficit in blender’s logic perhaps?

Any ideas would be extremely helpful. :smiley:

Never mind, I fixed it. :smiley:

And how did you fix it, Lemmy? Doubtless someone else will have a similar problem, find your post, and …

It was the true sensor, so If anyone ever has this problem, check your true-mode sensors. :smiley: