Odd and major problem with bone driven shape expressions

I finally completed the setup of all the expressions for my character using, driven shapes. Each different expression (shape) is driven by the position of helper bones in the armature: ie i move up my “smileBone” and my char…smiles :).
The animations are correctly displayed in the windows when i playback them, but when i try to render any of the frames i get totally different and weird results, seeming like some other parameters are changing my expressions on the renders (ie, i set him to start from standard expression to a large smile, but i get him smiling, beinga bit sad, sneering and opening is mouth…as if there are hidden keyframes on something i cannot find…)
Also if i delete all animations and render the first frame i get a result different from the viewports, as if my expressions were all mixed up at render time.
Can anyone help? (i can send the scene if needed)

Urgh, i just solved it. Seems like just posting a question on elysium immediately solves my problems!
After hours of tweaks experiments and getting mad, i just discovered i had 3 lattices i used to deform my mesh hidden on a layer…and they were still deforming the mesh, but only at render time! (which is…odd)
Anyway, should you encounter a similar problem keep this in mind and delete the fkn lattices…cheers!

yes it’s an interesting phenomenon. i have also noticed that the solution often becomes clear to me immediately after having posted a question regarding something i have been trying to do for some time. perhaps it has something to do with articulating the problem causing your brain to look at it in a different way.