Odd balls 2! the Sequel

Once again, I’m having some problems with the eyes. This time I think I screwed up when I made the eye balls. I decided to only use half of a UV sphere for the eyes since people are only seeing one part of the eye anyway. However, when I came time to rig them for the armature, well it went down here from there.

The horror… the horror!

So any ideas on how to fix this one?

well in edit mode you could add another half of the sphere by:

  • Shift + s in object mode of the sphere center
  • in editmode, select all of the vertexes (A key)
  • set the scale to scale around the cursor (> key)
  • (SHIFT D) duplicate all verticies and type in -1.
  • Remove doubles.
  • assign white material to the back faces (optional)

Yeah, but after that do I have to center the cursor again to prevent it from popping out of its sockets?