Odd behavior pasting F-curves from NLA to Action Editor

I’m playing around with the Dope Sheet, Graph Editor, and NLA trying to get a better understanding of how the three interrelate. The NLA is obviously powerful, but the sense that once you “snowflake” something, you’ve lost your old reliable F-curves in some irreversible way, got me to see if copy-and-pasting from the NLA action strip in “Tweaking Mode” to a new action in the Action Editor can at least re-create trusty, basic F-curves. It works, but in pasting, it seems that interpolation and extrapolation info is lost, with all F-curves reverting to Bezier.

Is this bug behavior i should report, or just a misunderstanding on my part of how things translate between the NLA and Graph Editor?

For a visual of what i mean, here’s what’s in the NLA editor:

Here’s what in the Graph Editor after geting pasted into the Action Editor: