Odd beveling issue I'm running into

Hi all,

I’m learning Blender by taking one of my existing designs to model, texture, and light. I’m done with the modeling phase except for a bevel problem on part of my model. I’ve uploaded the .blend file and .jpgs of the original design for you to see. I have the top and middle parts as separate meshes. For some reason (I’m assuming bad topology on my part with ngons as I’m a noob at this) when I apply the same bevel modifier to both meshes, only the bottom part bevels properly. In my .blend file you can see some odd artifacting rising from some vertices (I think) in the top mesh. I tried starting to learn retopo for this problem, but it seemed like the new retopo mesh didn’t want to follow into the deep crevices I modeled. Thus, any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks for you time!!

00|273x500CANNOT_BEVEL_TOP_MESH.blend (1.3 MB)

The problem is the NGons.Only use Quads. If I use the normal bevel it works fine. The “artifacts” can be solved with an edge split modifier.

I case you modeled this for rendering in Cycles, you can also try the new Bevel Shader from the latest 2.79 Builds. It works independent of topology.
Nice Design by the way.

Oh wow I had no idea about that node! Thanks so much. It says it slows down render times, but since I’m rendering still frames I’m thinking it should be fine.