Odd bug on Hook

Most of the time if I move a hook and hit escape, the hook returns, and the verts, but with one hook in this scene, if I move the hook and hit escape the hook returns, but not the verts, strange…

Just the start of a geometry rig rather then a bone rig, but… this


Ahooker.blend (404 KB)

Derp I figured it out, I had it hooked to a empty parented to itself, so it was moving twice…

Can I have hooks work in the game engine?

Wrong forum section (i think)


This is rigged currently for animation, I need to rig it for the BGE, and animation, so I kinda need both…
here is what I have

I know there is a way to use hooks in the bge for deformation, I think I just need to have the actual physical objects be very simple and use them to control the defromation some how,


Ahooker2.blend (547 KB)

Added image of model,
I need to get this working soon, I have to have a game made in under 3 months, my unemployment is running out, and I have a kido that depends on me, and there is no work at all where I am, I can take care of her during the day, and work each night, in short, I need help to make a game, I know a small bit o python, a lot of logic, and am getting decent at effects and simulations, I need someone who is a bge pro to help, and I promise this game will be big, I already have 90% of the game worked out, I just need help making it, hit me up for a storyboard if you want to help,