odd camera problem

I have a project that is almost finished, recently i tried using it with blenderplayer 2.49 and oddly all i get is the second layer, the layer where i have my objects that will enter my scene. I have one camera and it is in my first layer Not sure what is going on.


Is there a reason you’re trying to use it with 2.49? If it works fine in newer versions I would assume it’s some kind of compatibility issue.

It was an older game so i continued with 2.49 plus i would have to update the scripts and 2.49 works fine.Next project i will use newer versions. The camera should work in the layer i have it but i can’t figure it out.


Do you have a blend we can look at? Can you duplicate the problem?

Tick the little chain button at the bottom of the 3D view, next to the layers to force the scene to use the camera specified in the screen you’re using. Once this happens, go into the view that you need, and then it should work fine.

Thanks, SolarLune