Odd change

Ok, i am hlping develop a game using blender. The people im sending my models to are using somthing else. I am exporting my models as .x files and for the most part it has worked. Exept a few time, either the model woudnt show up at all, or the texture would be gone. How can i be 100% posative that the texture and model will show up correctly once they have recieved them.

I am sending the texture with the models and i am packing them.

make them use blender i dont know of which (if any) exports the model exactly like is is in blender

thats what the .x files do. Its kind of a universal file i thought. But…yah. I just resend them and it works sometimes. In anywhich case, they have me learning a new program…which sucks. I feel so constricted in it. I cant move the view around on will, i cant point model like i do in blender. Its depressing. :frowning:

then make them use blender.:slight_smile:

but mabye agter you export to .x you could import that and see if it worked