Odd Compositing/Render Farm Problem

Hello all,

Very new here. Did a cursory search for this issue but have come up short. My problem is this, I have a very basic scene setup using three layers. A planet, clouds, and stars. Was having fun in the compositer setting up glow, glare, etc and everything was working well. Renders all come out nicely.

Now I thought I’d animate it and use some spare PC’s I’ve got floating about for a small render farm. Getting the farm setup is a snap. The problem is this, when I sent the job to the farm I only seem to get the last layer back as a result. I tested the farm with a basic one layer animation moving a cube about and it works fine. Add a layer and I only get the last one back. Any ideas?

Feel free to lash me if this is indeed covered somewhere! :smiley:

How do you actually start the render? Using Blenders Network Render plugin?

And how are the frames combined? Using the compositor or do you render them out as Multilayer EXR’s?