Odd edges

I get a strange colored edge in a little model I am playing with, doesn’t down in the render and it isn’t a seam and I can’t get rid of it nd it isn’t a seam.
Any ideas?


probaly due to the facct that the color of mat is influenced by the world color

so go in F5 and change the anb value to 9 or you could also change the color of the world from blue to black or white


I’m not talking about the render (no mats on it anyway), Its the model in the 3d window with the odd purple colored edge, Doesn’t seem to affect anything though.

I think the purple color is for edge crease. To get rid of it, select the edges and press ‘Ctrl + e’ -> ‘edge crease’ and set the value to -1. The crease value can only be between 0 and +1, so setting it to -1 will always set it to 0.