Odd edit post behaviour

Why am I getting a edit alert immediately after editing a post I had just posted?


There’s suppose to be a 5 minute warning, which usually happens for me.

I am aware that all Discourse members with Tier Level 1.0 experience that behavior as a mandatory precaution against spam bots, but I have Tier Level 3.0.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this to happen?

I’m not sure if this is the same for you (logged and reminder for yourself) and any other user (showing it for edited content)… also never looked into this… ah just wait i post this now… and now an edit… and another… and half a minute (?) later… and waiting another 90 sec and reading another post an making lots of typos (now edited)…
Puh must be 5 minutes now…
It seems to be that i’m no having this problem… (this is surely because i’m a double licensed user :wink: … internal joke )

Edit(4): typos and added row
Edit (even later): now ther is this edit 8m…