Odd effect of "Mapping" node in World texture

I’ve been playing around with HDRI lighting scenes with Cycles renderer, and have gotten an odd effect with the Mapping node.

I set up my scene using nodes–Environment Texture>Background>World Output, with my .hdr image as the texture. The lighting effect was apparent on the model, but the background wasn’t rendering as the image. Rather, it was a single-color background, where the single color would shift depending on which way I was looking at it, sort of like a very, very blurry view of the background where the color was apparent, but no detail.

Thinking it might be a mapping problem, I dropped a Mapping node between Environment Texture and Background, only to find that all alterations made to position, rotation, or scale change the RGB values of the scene, not anything to do with mapping that I can tell. Any idea if this is a problem with Radiance images interpretation, or if I’ve just missed something with my setup?

you probably just are in orthographic view instead of perspective, numpad5?

Yeah, that was it for the BG image–thanks!. Still curious about Position, Scale Rotation altering the RGB of the image, though.