Odd Flickering

There are zero lights in this scene, only Ambient occlusion.

The model has every nromal flipped, and there are zero duplicate points.

Yet when rendering this walk cycle, I seem to get a lighting flicker around the center ring.

yup, this rig is similar to the one found in Animationmentor…though it is not. This is a port from myself of the rig known as Lieutenant Dan

Thanks for any suggestions.

Are you shure there’s no deformation happening on your center ring during animation.
Perhaps by accident?
Because the flicker is in sync to your walkcycle.
Other than that, you could try to play with the AO distance and fallof settings.


Are you using any active modifiers on the mesh? Edge Split, perhaps? Certain modifiers can change the actual poly count and normals on the fly, leading to results like this. Try disabling everything but the armature modifier and see what you get.