Odd issue with GE disappearing

After I formated my computer, meshes won’t appear in the GE every once in a while. I’ve updated my graphics gard drivers, but still nothing. If I use glsl (which I know full well that my card is capable of, since it worked before the format), the only way to get it to show up is if I use the shift + p combo and have the preview window open in the 3d viewport when I press p to enter the game, or If I shoot out a quick render before I start the game. Also in glsl, the textures don’t appear in “textured” mode unless the object is selected and active. I have no errors in the console either… only 9 “Detected GL_x”. X would stand for the "ARB"s and "EXT"s.

bump… I still have this issue.

I had a similar problem with the latest ATI driver… I went back one driver, and it works better.