Odd lines in rendered image?

Following a tut and almost at the end I have added all shapes and sound and when I render now the image has these lines, like showing movement, or a shadow or something.


shapes and sound? so I take it this is a single frame render of an animation…
looks like motion blur is turned on. (in the render panel)

Thank you, no MBLUR is off…anything else? shadow was on but I clicked it off and still have the lines.

It looks like you have the “Fields” button pushed in the Render panel.

Hit F10
Press the “Render” button in the button bar (looks like an orange scene)
Look in the panel labeled “Render”
If the button labeled “Fields” is pushed, un push it and try rendering again.

YES! Fields was pushed. Thank you very much, that got rid of lines.
Not knowing what they stand for, I just left all options as they were when I entered the editor.