odd menus and why does it al rotate around the cursor?

thanks all


blenderrotate.blend (438 KB)

What’s “odd” about the menus?

Do you have your pivot center set to “3D Cursor”?

thanks for solving the rotation
the menus instructions on the right asre all the same.
they should be different for each choice on its menu

If you’re talking about the keyboard shortcuts, that’s the keyboard shortcut to bring up that particular menu. You select which option you want from the tool from there.

Is this just something that looked wrong to you, or did you try pressing that key combination and seeing what happens?

They’re not odd… you press that button, and then you choose which operation you want.

I thought there should be a different key combo for each option

Blender already has hundreds of key combinations as it is. If every menu broke down into multiple unique keyboard shortcuts, you’d run out of fingers before you pressed all the buttons in a combination. :spin:


As you can see from the underlined characters in the menus, you can press, for instance, Alt+M,L and you get ‘Merge at Last’, or Alt+M,T and you get ‘Merge at Cursor’.