odd model display/view in game engine

I have a character model that when I hit ‘P’ to enter into the game to test out animations and keyboard controls for movements… the model looks odd. I don’t know how to describe it other than the surface of the model looks like it is displaying the model wrong when you rotate it around. Here is a picture of what it looks like to better explain. The model is looking off slightly to its left. So technically his right arm would be completely visible, but yet it disappears behind his waist. Also notice the legs look wrong as well. When I’m in any of the other views (default, animation, game logic, etc.) the model looks completely normal. I don’t know if there was an option I accidentally hit or if there is something I need to click to correct this… so I’m asking all of you. What the heck is going on with it??


Cool – kind of picasso-like. Have you tried recalculating your normals? Does X-Ray apply in BGE (if so, is it turned on)?

recalculating the normals worked. I thought I already tried that, but that might have been in another version (save file) than the one I was using.

Thanks for the help benu

… I knew it had to be something simple ha ha