Odd modeling behavior

Hi all,

I have a strange problem I need some help with… I have a model that when entering into edit mode none of the elements move; vertices, edges, faces, but snapping is turned off and alternating between Local and Global transformation as well as Local, Normal, and Global view modes make no difference. Oddly enough, when I try to move a face the face will collapse all of the vertices into the center. The translate widget will move but the face/vertex/edge stays in the same place.

I am sure it is some setting I have done at the object level. None of the other objects in the scene are affected; this object is the only one without a rig (it does have shape keys but removing them did nothing.) I have appended the mesh to new files with no change and tried all of the (I believe) obvious settings, but I am a total newbie to Blender so there is sure to be an easy answer I am missing.


Attach your blend to your post (use Go Advanced option below the message box) or some other file hosting site, as people who ca help you are working blind here

Good call Richard, thanks for the response. The file is available here… Wasn’t able to replicate the face moving and snapping into the center this morning but it is still behaving pretty weird.



problem.blend (171 KB)

Looks like rotating a face is what snaps everything to the center, weird. Going to try a couple tricks to fix it without identifying the problem.

You’ve set the “Z” scale in OBJECT mode to “0” - reset it to match the “X” and "Y scale, and every-things OK.

Thanks pappy! That does the trick, strange it would screw with the x and y as well.

Thanks again guys, looking forward to getting into the Blender scene more.