Odd numbered samples noisier?

I’m noticing that odd numbers of samples are rendering with more noise than even numbers. Is this some setting on my end or is this the same for everyone?

Are you using the Correlated Multi-Jitter sampler (because I’ve read that the best results using it will come when you set the sample count to a power of 2)?

In this case, values like 8, 16, 32, 128, 4096 will produce less noise than say, 7 or 4000, so if you’re not using Sobol, it’s no surprise.

If you are using the default Sobol sampler, then there may or may not be an issue because I don’t think the values placed for the samples should matter that much.

It was like that as long as i remember using cycles. Could be that’s because of how shadows are calculated. Dunno.
I always set even.

Using CMJ. Sobol seemed noisier, now I see that it was luck that I tested with even #s! Thanks to both of you.