Odd object, only in Final Render?

Working with a file that has rendered before, from other angles, but this time an ‘object’ appears only in Final Render. I am including a ‘triptych’ with the Final/Screen/Wire all from the same point of view. There is nothing??!! in the place where the oddity shows up, complete with its strange vertical extensions. I have not seen anything like this. Kind of looks like a ‘displacement’ gone rogue, but all of the actual objects aren’t absent or distorted. Anybody see anything like this before, or have any ideas how to problem solve it. I have done the ‘purge’ without effect??
This is showing up in 2.83.9, but also shows up in 2.91 and 2.92Alpha.

Perhaps you simply have an object there that’s set to disable in viewports, but not in render? I.e. like this:

Thank you for the suggestion. I will investigate, but it seems more problematic, as there is no object ever created like the one that show up??

I was able to find the problem by turning off all objects in the scene, then turn one at a time back on and render. It turns out that one of my characters, ‘Cat’ needed to have All Transforms set again, after the object was moved into position. Because it was so distorted, it was unrecognizable. Slow problem solve, but successful.

I know it’s solved… but worths to mention, for the next person, that what I get many times on RS is what we call “Phantom” objects. Objects that we thought we had delete for good but they end up on the “Orphan Data” of the Outliner. Then, when we link the objects to the scene, they still show up. If nothing solves it, may be a good idea give a look to the Orphan Data too :slight_smile:

Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. I routinely check ‘Cleanup’ and Orphan Data as part of my problem solving, as should others.

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