Odd physics bug?

I am using stored keys of a seat, and a exit to move a player, into the seat, and out the door of a vehicle,

when I do this everything looks fine, until the player tries to move,

for some reason or another, the objects mesh gets moved, but not it’s physics bound.


Enter = turns Car[‘On’]=true, player[‘On’]=False, moves player to seat faces seats orientation, and then parents player to car.

Exit, turns player on, car off, and moves player to exit, and rotates him to face the exit, and unparents him.

what exactly is wrong here?

To get in, move to car until doors open,

Get out - hold Q until doors open then press E - now you should see my issue.


HoverCArEnterExitDoorsOpen.blend (836 KB)


found it

I have Rider.worldPosition not Rider.parent.worldPosition :smiley: