Odd Problem in Blender

I can’t seem to get part of my scene bright enough. I have rendered a glass and some 3d text. The glass is lit ok bt the 3d text is not lit right. I added a light shining on it but it seems to have little or no effect unless the material is opaque.

It’s weird cause part of it is bright but part of it is too dark. I guess it’s too complicated to explain I will have to post a pic then. I have an area light and a photon light pair 1 for each the glass and the text.

Like I said before the glass is ok but the text isn’t. Well in the meantime I’ll upload a pic and post it in a few minutes.

thanks for any help you can provide.

Make sure the distance of the light goes past all the objects in the scene. You might want to increase the “size” setting of the Area Light too.

Thanks for the suggestions Wiggie. The lights’ lengths are long enough and I’ve already tried changing the area light sizes to no effect.

here is a pic of what I’m trying to light. I know the text is screwy don’t worry about that :wink: It’s for my sweet for valentines day. I suppose I’ll have to post her pic too now, hehe just kiddin plus don’t think she’d like that.


It looks true to life to me. The problem you’re having with the top of the text is due to the dark reflection of the back wall.

If, in real life, you shined a light onto a mirror you wouldn’t actually see the light on the surface of the mirror. You would instead see the light on the surface of the objects being reflected. A more obvious example would be to shine a laser light onto the mirror. You wouldn’t see the dot on the mirror’s surface itself.

So… if you decreased the reflectivity of the text then it would be able to receive more diffused direct lighting. Personally, I would troubleshoot it by completely turning off the reflectivitity and adjusting the hardness of the material until it looks right, then increase the reflectivity so it gains a balance.

Thanks RipSting, that makes sense. I’ll give it a shot.