Odd problem

I am facing a little (rather annoying, but not major) problem: i have a 460 frames animation, i hit “animation” and the render starts (i have obviously set the animation interval 1-460). After 120 frames, yafray stops rendering and blender thinks the job is done. I then set 120 to 460, he starts again…and stops at 240, 120 frames later! And so on…any idea?!
Thanks a lot for any help, and cheeeers.

What does your consol say, Yafray maybe ran out of memory and crashed. I’ve seen this with 0.0.7 but not with 0.0.8.

I’ll check. BTW, how do i invoke the console?

What OS do you have? If it’s a Mac, go to the Utilities folder under Applications and launch Console. If it’s Windows, it should launch with Blender as a seperate task. If it’s *nix, then it will open in a seperate task simulat to Windows assuming X11 is running, otherwis it’s on the commandline anyway.