odd problem

I have used a lot function : saveRenderedImage()
Have worked well for me untill today !
Now I try saveRenderedImage(’/path/to/image’)
the script goes on…no problem…but no files saved…anywhere !

linux ubuntu dapper python 2.4


This is documented. - http://members.iinet.net.au/~cpbarton/ideasman/BPY_API/Render.RenderData-class.html#saveRenderedImage

If you want to give this function a full path
you must first do render_context.setRenderPath(’’)

Thank you VERY much Cambo :slight_smile:
My bookmark to API was a little bit old…:o…thank you too for this point…

np. I feel your pain, was only after many printfs I realized that the path was being added to the export path so I added that note.

you did very well :smiley: