Odd red and black "flickering" in BLender UI

This is an odd recurring thing that keeps happening to me in Blender, but only Blender under Windows. I have Macs as well an this doesnt happen.

Anyways, a lot of the time, when I click or roll over menu items, the viewport turns black, and any objects in my scene are rendered in an odd red wireframe mode. If I click it just flickers on and off quickly. If I roll over menu items it says that way until my cursor moves back into the viewport. This was happening in Blender 2.47, but I just updated to 2.48 and it’s still occuring.

Is this some sort of “feature”, or is it a bug in Blender, or does BLender just (unlikely) hate both my graphics cards (Nvidia Quadro NVS 135m and an ATI Radeon x1300 Pro).

Heres a video I captured to show the issue in action. There was a lot more flicker then the video shows, it just recorded @ a low FPS and missed some of them:


Its actually pretty annoying when you’re in the middle of something, so my PC’s are pretty much useless for Blender until I figure this out. If anyone has any ideas, please, by all means…

There’s a bug in ATI’s OGL driver.

Try disabling Aero if you haven’t already. It’s hard to tell if it’s enabled from the video.

OMG I have the same friggin problem!!!

Apparently, switching themes from Aero to Classic fixes this. However, I like to keep my desktop background. Is there ANY way of keeping the aero theme, but not have this problem? It’s impossible to model anything when this happens.

I used to have that issue before I replaced my card. It’s not a big problem, since it usually goes away after a moment.

Wait, nevermind. I just watched your video. On mine, it only flickered for a small part of the screen and this happened once every minute or so. You seem to have a much worse case.

I use an nVidia card and this happens to me when I enable antialiasing.

Yeah, know the problem well as I had it for the longest time too. Also posted and looked for a fix for a long time and finally found it. The fix (for me at least) was to go to my Nvidia video card settings and change what I had for the 3D settings to “Let the 3D application decide”. That fixed it for me.

For Nvidia cards right mouse click on your desktop and select Nvidia control panel. Then under 3D settings click on “Adjust image settings with preview.” Click on “Let the 3D application decide”.

Hope that fixes it for you!


Is there any way to turn off antialiasing in the viewport from within Blender. I was able do do it on one of my machines through Nvidia’s Graphics Control Center and solve the “glitch”, but not all of my machines are using Nvidia cards.


well, blender doesn’t antialias stuff, what’s happening is the graphics card is “deciding” to add antialiasing… it doesn’t care what setting blender has, so no, you can;t change that from within blender…

It’ll just be a setting in the graphics card driver… No matter what make you should be able to find a control panel that’ll allow you to tweak openGL settings and turn off antialiasing there… you’ll justhave to look

Everyone keep blaming ATI drivers, Apple drivers, or Intel Drivers…

Does anyone know “what part of these drivers” is actually not supporting the Blender interface? Are these errors something that other software has problems with, or are they fairly unique to Blender?


as mentioned earlier in the thread, it’s when the card is forcing antialiasing that’s causing the issues, regardless of type of graphics card…

happens on ATI on Nvidia and Intel apparently… so unlikely to be the driver, more likely something in blender…

Interesting…ati catylist contol center will probably have an option ad well then. Thanks for the info!

I just saw that I have this annoying issue as well. I turned off AA in the nVidia control panel and it has seemed to stop. I hate not having AA on is their any way around this flicker issue with AA on?

Just like Animwannab said - you should use “Let the 3D application decide”
I’am using Aero right now and everything in blender works fine

I sugest you to add an application rule: Blender
and change AA-mode to “Let the 3D application decide”.

worked for me

Ive got a intel 945 gma in my laptop, and I have the problem when running blender in windowless mode.
(eg. in the shortcut add -W at the end of the target line to run blender full screen, without the window decorator)

Other than that the only problem I encounter sometimes is that the viewports don’t redraw always properly,
but thats is a minor problem only.

hi, that red & black thing is a hoot!
Blender’s red screen of death.

If you are using Vista,
Right Click on Blender.exe.
choose properties.
then compatibility,
then tick run in compatibility mode windows xp sp2.
problem fixed.

AFAIK, these black screens with red wireframes are the OpenGL selection buffer getting drawn and not drawn over again for some reason. With most drivers/cards, this happens so quickly that you never notice it happening. However, on some implementations (i.e. MesaGL seems prone to this in the tests I’ve done with it), the selection buffers are not drawn over correctly, or the drawing goes too slowly.


Those are actually bugs in drivers, the selection buffer should never be sent to the screen.


Hey guys had this problem and if your using Vista an option was suggested. Some people obviously would rather not do this so instead you can locate the blender exe (usually in Program Files) and then right click it and select properties. Then go to to Compatibility tab and click ‘Disable Desktop Composition’ (you may also note that there is a check box below that section that says ‘Run as Administrator’. I would check this becuase then it allows Blender to perform various tasks that access your computer’s file system such as saving blender’s default settings and viewing recent files etc…).

Hope this helps, let me know the result. Worked a charm for me.

Ok one problem I’ve spotted with this is that when rendering, if you then close the render window the blender window goes black and although the functionality of the application still responds (ie: Keyboard shortcuts) obviously something on the graphics side has happened in which case you need to restart blender (You save your work with Ctrl-W and confirm the box). So far a workaround i have found is to not close the render window and just return to the blender window (Esc key to easily switch). You can then render as many times as you want as your last render will just be replaced.