Odd reflection response of bright lights under low exposure.


I’m wondering if my setup has been mangled, since I’m now having film and filmic under scene/view. The problem I’m having is when I’m using very bright lightsources such as a sun at real values and compensating using exposure, say at -6. Even at ludicrous sun values as shown below, the secondary reflection appears extremely dimmed rather than showing an exact mirror replica when looking in a fully white mirror surface:

Here is how I would expect it to look like, when using normal sun and sky values with exposure 0:

The black sphere is just fresnel 1.45 mixing nothing with a sharp fully white glossy.
The same happens when using sRGB or compensating using Render/Film exposure.

What is going on here, bug or my system corrupted?

Of course, only seconds after posting I realized the stupid mistake after messing around for a couple of hours -
Indirect Clamping was set to 10.

Using clamping with lowered exposures can cause havoc - obviously, if you think about it.